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Chef de Cuisine et Patisserie

Le Cordon Blue

Le Cordon Bleu London
London Culinary Arts Institute

In 1997 I earned the Grande Diplome for Pastry & Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in London, England.  When Arabella entered kindergarten I decided to put my culinary talents to work, offering safe and delicious alternatives to the area bakeries. I started out in our home kitchen, baking & testing so many recipes to find the perfect ones. In just a few years my reputation for fantastically delicious AND nut • free baked goods spread and with the help of my family & friends,  I opened our storefront in downtown Millburn, NJ. We were interviewed by Channel 7 News and the New York Times also did a nice article on us, as well as several local news organizations.

But we didn’t want to stop there! We wanted to reach as many customers as possible, so we decided to expand our efforts into making our products available to a much broader base with the ease of baking on-demand in any home. Our frozen cookie dough and biscotti dough can now be baked for special celebrations as well as an after-school treat, and the delectable aroma of fresh baked nut • free cookies can fill your kitchen! Enjoy!!

– Janet Antico, Owner, Bella’s Nut • Free Bakery

Our Products

We want our cookies & biscotti to taste absolutely fantastic, so we always use top-quality, wholesome ingredients with an emphasis on organics. Our goal is to produce nut • free treats that are so incredibly tasty, everyone will want to enjoy them.

Our semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and cocoa powder are exclusively from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. We use Nielson Pure Vanilla Extract to give all of our treats that gourmet taste.

In place of butter we use Earth Balance Soy Garden (it’s dairy free, no hydrogenated oils, non-GMO, no trans-fatty acids, no preservatives), which we found lends a lighter texture and more pleasant flavor.

We use organic eggs & organic granulated sugar, and our flour is King Arthur Special (unbleached & unbromated).

These higher quality ingredients are what we’d want to serve our own children and make for a better tasting treat. In addition, we also have a nice selection of scrumptious, vegan cookies (dairy free & egg free) which have been verified by the American Vegan Association (AVA).

We are continuing to work on and test new recipes to bring a larger variety of delectable treats into your home.